Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What I Love Wednesday

Here is what I'm loving right now.

Google Chromecast - I mean really how have I lived without this?  I have a PS3 so I get netflix and prime shows through that but when I just need to catch up on a current show this is awesome. I hate watching tv on my computer so now I can blow it up and watch to my little hearts content.  I just used it this morning to watch Star Crossed from this week. So great.

Speaking of Star Crossed - no spoilers here but I'm really liking this show. It took a couple episodes but I think they are playing it out good so far. Plus on the upside the guys are certainly nice eye candy to look at ;)

This is a double of Veronica Mars and Entertainment Weekly - If you've been reading my blog you know I'm over the moon for Veronica Mars. I finally got to see the movie Sunday (Thank you Emily) and its really all I can think about. I really need to see it again. It is also on demand so I may need to splurge.  My other love is Entertainment Weekly. Yes I still get an actual magazine in the mail each week and I devour it cover to cover. What can I say I love having it in my greedy little hands and seeing things in actual print. Since news is so up to the minute now I think they have done a good job at adding in some more behind the scenes and how its done articles that are not as time sensitive and that to me is AWESOME!!! When I saw this little bit on the bullseye I about fainted. They are huge VM fans but this is the perfect silly little saying.

That's me for now. What are you loving this week? And since I'm always loving my readers don't forget to enter my giveaway for a couple of Mickey Mouse water bottles!!!

Until next week keep up the love,


  1. I am loving my Vanilla Crème Soda Lip Smackers!!! I'm such a nerd!!!
    Where's the linkin??!!!! Need a linkin!!!!!!! :)

  2. OKAY....I made my own link up to ya!!!


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