Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday

Back again for some TV Talk. There are probably spoilers below so read at your own risk. Also I don't always watch shows in order so I talk about them as I catch up with them.

M and I finally got a chance to start this season of Revolution.  We are late to this show.  We actually watched all of season 1 last summer on Amazon Prime and then started Tivoing season 2 but hadn't watched yet.  We are about 6 episodes in and I'm hooked again. Such a good show. Kindof upset they no longer film here in NC since I missed my chance to stalk them ;) Going all the way to Texas seems a little much. If they were still here I would totally try and catch something.  I'm also liking how the people look dirtier this season. I know that was a complaint from the first season that it had been so long without power and they looked too clean. I will say I noticed it then and I notice now that they are a bit grittier.  I'm curious to see how this plays out.

Lets start my weekly Walking Dead discussion. I can't believe that the season finale is next week and that I will have to then wait until fall for more. I just don't think we will get much resolution to the Terminus situation in one episode. First we don't have all the players there yet and the two groups left to arrive are the ones that are going to have an issue with us. Plus I think there is something fishy going on there. Where were the guards? And how can the gate remain unlocked?  They also had a lot of plantings so I'm guessing there are many people there but where was everyone. Just the one crazy looking one that was grilling.  So very odd. I didn't read the comics but I asked someone who had and she said that she didn't think Terminus was in those so this is new to everyone which is always fun. I know they aren't playing the comics straight out but knowing this isn't even something they are playing off of makes it so much more exciting.

I couldn't go another second without talking about the Pretty Little Liars season finale.I was behind until last week so I had to play some catch up but I watched them all.  Can I just say WOW!!! I am so confused as to who A can be. I also think that Ali will be more of a regular next season and hopefully Ezra survives being shot. He is a bit creepy  but so much a part of the show I would hate for him to end that way.  Also why did they have to  kill(?) Mrs delaurentis?  I'm not positive she is dead but maybe hurt and buried alive kindof like Ali was by her but then who would care that much to do the same thing to Ali's mom.  Oh so many questions. At least we only have until June to wait to get some answers hopefully for that one.

So those are my hot shows this week. I'm still watching a ton of other tv so if you want to talk just leave a comment.  I do not mind spoilers at all and I even have knowledge of shows I don't watch. LOL I read TV show info for everything not just what I watch regularly. I just can't get enough.

Have a great viewing week!!!

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