Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I love Wednesday

I'm really liking this post each week. I feel like it balances out my So What posts ;)

Ok so I'm not loving the pledging and money part of the Boosterthon but I am loving how into N is. He is so excited to be doing his fun run tomorrow and working towards his goal. He's been working on his phone calls to family asking them to pledge and telling them what he is working towards.

I love me some Target and I'm loving that today I get to go and check out the newest one to me. It is about 5 minutes away and today is its first open day. I can't wait for a new fresh store look and smell. LOL

My Josie Maran powder. A friend was raving on it and I got some and am in love with it. It goes on so nice and tone matches awesome.  I also love that it has some SPF in it to help my skin.  I'm off to Sephora today to get another one for my trip.

Pretty sure I've shared this before but I love my birthday. It is my favorite holiday and lucky my my birthday is this month. You know what that means? Birthday coupons!!!!  I love getting those coupons in the mail and today C and I are going to go out and try to use some of them.

So those are my loves today. Have a great Wednesday!!!

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