Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fancy Mystery Box

I've never ordered from Fancy before but I always look at everyone's boxes and think they are so neat. Fancy offers monthly subscription boxes that they put together and also some that are curated but people like Tyler Florence, Pink,Jennifer Love Hewitt, Coco Rocha and others. So when they offered a one off mystery box for $10 I jumped at the chance to try it. Fancy  always has the coolest looking boxes too so I was stoked when I saw mine on the porch when I got home this morning.

It is such a nice bright blue color.  When I picked it up I was kind of surprised that it was so light. Not saying that is a bad thing just seemed really light for such a decent size box.

First look and I was confused LOL.  I didn't know if things were wrapped up or if this was filling.  Well I will tell you that this was just filling.  I don't know if Fancy  has different size boxes but my box was huge for what I actually got.

And now onto my Fancy  mystery box contents:

  • Work Hard Stay Humble wall vinyl art ($20) - I do like the saying and if I had any wall space in my office I might actually put it up. But my office is now in the dining room area of my front room so no real walls and I'm not sure this is what I would put out in a main room like that. Verdict - not exciting and I'll probably see if I can trade or pass this on
  • Silver Nail Polish from China Glaze($8) - uhm well you guys know me and know I'm a nail polish whore so this is AWESOME.  I actually don't have a matte silver like this and I've never used China Glaze so excited for this one.  Verdict - Love Love Love
  • Laex Fancy Cardholder in Orange ($30) - This is made in California with Grade A plastic and is the mail value in my box but it just looks so childish to me.  I don't really see a use for it for me. Verdict - While I won't use it I'm sure my boys will think its perfect and it will get added into their playroom.
  • Fancy Notebooks set of 2 ($12) - The one you can't see in the picture says Things I was Supposed to do Yesterday that I will do Tomorrow. Another item that is very cute and useful. I love have lot of notebooks around and N is really into journals and making small books so some of my other notebooks have been taken over by the 6yr old. :) Verdict - while not overly exciting I do really like these.
So over all the value of the box came to $70 so not bad considering it was only $17.95 ($10 box + $7.95 shipping) and you are guaranteed at least a $30 value.  I'm actually really thinking about ordering another one since everyone I've seen so far has been so different. Some are definitely  more me then others but that is part of the fun of these types of boxes you just never know what you are going to get.  I also keep looking into checking out one of the Fancy  monthly subscription boxes. I may need to see about getting one of those and working it in to try out. Some are so cute and I love some of the guest curators.

So did you jump and get one of the $10 mystery boxes?  If not they are still available in both the mens and womens versions.  If you go to Fancy  and search for mystery box it should come up. The site is a little confusing for me to actually find things so I use the search box a lot when looking around.


disclaimer - that is a referral link to Fancy up there and I will get credits if you buy things from them too.

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