Tuesday, March 4, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday

Back again to talk some TV. As always there are possible spoilers below so read through at your own risk. :)

Lets start with the Walking Dead.  What was everyones thought on this weeks episode? I was so glad that it was Daryl centric :) That made me happy. It was not an overly action packed episode but it needed to be done. He was really going to a bad place and Beth pulled him out. I will say I did keep thinking that all that drinking was going to result in a hook up ;) but maybe they are going for the slow build.  I about lost it when he started crying. Based on everything he has said I think the prison was the most like a real family that he has ever had and he really feels like he let them down.  Next weeks looks to follow Daryl and Beth and Maggie and her group and looks to have more action. Not sure I'll be watching since I'll be on the cruise but if they have AMC I will have to take a fun break to check it out

Anyone watch Bad Ink? This is one of those shows that is on at night when I'm heading to bed and M likes to turn it on. I will say I'm a little addicted. I don't have any tattoos and some of the bad ones they show really make me want to keep it that way. LOL WOW there are some bad tattoos out there and then when the people say my friend and I went and I got this I'm like they must not be a real friend if they let that happen to you. They are just bad bad bad.

Onto the Vampire Diaries.  This is such a guilty pleasure but I will watch for my guys ;)  Love me some Ian.  Kindof sad that looks like they have figured out the Elena/Katherine thing. I really like Katherine and love when she's in the forefront. Elena can be kindof a stick in the mud and Katherine is no holds bar. Poor Damon is always the one taking the fall for everything and this latest problem isn't helping matters.  I'm sure they will figure out a way to make it work out but still just not good if he's wanting to eat all of his friends.  This is an older picture since it has Klaus in it so lets talk about the Originals.  Are you guys still watching? I have a friend who has dropped it already but I like it. I am an episode behind but looks like the stuff is hitting the fan on that show. I can't wait to see when Haley has her baby and how that plays into the show.

So what shows are you watching right now? Are you adding any of the new shows coming on to your rotation?  I've recorded the first couple episodes of Star Crossed but haven't watched yet. The show Resurrection looks really interesting too. Very creepy but I might have to give it a chance.

Happy TV Watching!!!

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