Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday

Time to talk TV. I was on my cruise last week and we actually got ABC, CBS and NBC among others so I was pretty excited and then when I came home I watched some more shows to catch up a bit. LOL As you know these may not be the most current shows just ones I've watched recently and as you can probably tell there will be Spoilers below so read at your own risk.

OMG the Walking Dead this week.  Can I just say WOWsers I have not read the comics so I had no idea and I was shocked. I'm kindof glad that the girls are gone since they slowed things down but now I wonder who Carl will hook up with later on. LOL  While talking about the walking dead I also just watched last weeks episode and who has Beth?  I know since Daryl wasn't in the comics that story line is a little different but I'm really curious. I really like the two of them together. I wouldn't mind a little hookup later on. How old is she supposed to be? Obviously younger then him but I still think she's of age.  The previews for next week look great and I'm sure something big will happen since only 2 episodes left this season.

Are you guys watching Reign?  It is one of my new favorite shows. I look forward to it every week and the last couple of weeks haven't let me down. I'm not the history person so it being very loosely based on history isn't as issue to me I just love the classic triangle love story and all the pretty clothes. It is my new favorite guilty pleasure and I can't wait to see what is next. Now if I could only decide between Bash and Francis.  Hmm such a hard call.

Who is watching The Crazy Ones?  I will follow SMG anywhere and while I'm not a huge comedy person and am pretty picky I really like this show. It is just a touch of Robin Williams so he isn't over the top and I like the way the others work together. It actually feels like they could be coworkers where as on some shows you go there is no way those people work together. I'm hoping this one sticks around awhile so that I can see where it goes. It does need a little backbone of an overarching backstory which I don't think it has yet but I can see where some could be going.  I actually laugh at this show most weeks so that is always good.

So what are you watching this week?  Anything I should be catching up on?

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  1. I am finally watching the Wahlburgers!!! I love it!


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