Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Citrus Lane March 2014 Box Review

Mail came today and my Citrus Lane box for this month was here a day early. I love when packages come early. I get this box for C but I have him aged up a little bit so we get things he can move into so this month he got a box for a 40 month old boy. Citrus Lane  is a monthly subscription box for kids age 0-5 for $29 a month but that price goes down if you buy a longer subscription.

First look and I knew what was on top. Citrus Lane had sent a coupon out in Feb and I had used that for an add-on so I was able to get the sandwich bags for free. :)  We already have the matching lunch tote from a previous box so I thought this was a cute add-on.

What goodies we got this month:

  • Beginner Puzzle Set from Petit Collage - This is actually pretty cute. We had the baby puzzles here but tend to slack with the next step up puzzles so this fits that bill. C is very hands on so this should be fun for him. I will pull this out one day when N is at school and we need a new activity to do.
  • Monkey Hello Books from Hello Hanna - I had to open this one right away since I didn't really understand the description on the packaging. LOL So from what I get its a sticker story book. It has stickers and a fold out sheet for you to create on. I love this idea. I love crafty projects and both of my boys do to. Since this is a 4+ book as much as I know C would love to put all the stickers on the page ;) N will have a better time creating a scene and a story so I think I'll keep this one for him.
  • Medi Buddy from Me4Kidz - Ok who can believe we don't own one of these?  It's one of those things I look at at the stores but we've never bought. This one is going right out in the car so that with spring coming up and all of our outside time I will have it on hand.
  • Eco-dough from eco-kids - this is a natural dough product and so cool looking. C is just really getting into the dough age so this will get some good use in the coming months.
  • Bumkins snack bags - this is the add-on that I was talking about above. These are really cute and even better that they ended up being free.
I had seen some spoilers but really hadn't paid tons of attention since I'm still playing catchup but I'm really happy with our box this month.  If you click through my link to check it out or sign up for Citrus Lane  you will get 50% off your first box and I get credits for the Citrus Lane  store therefore a win-win for us both.

What do you think? Did you like the contents this month? Do you already get Citrus Lane?  What age and what did you get?


disclaimer: those are referral links above and as I said I get store credits if you decide to join up through me.

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  1. I love that we had the same idea for the book!!!


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