Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Morning Musings


Good Morning everyone!!! Monday morning an we are at it again.

Weekend Update: WOW my weekend was crazy busy. Friday night Emily came over and we made an AWESOME stir-fry with my Produce Box veggies. Then we ran some errands.

Saturday hmm drawing a blank on what we did. LOL  oh wait we went to PDQ for lunch. Seriously my boys love this place and it is so good. Then M had to work that night so the boys and I hung out and just had some together fun. N has lost his Ipad until tomorrow (however with the early release today if he's good I  may let him get it back early. We shall see) so we did reading and legos and art. 

Sunday was craziness.  We had the Lego Kidsfest in the morning and it was AWESOME!!! The boys (all 3 of them ;)) loved it.  Be on the look out today or tomorrow for a whole post on the kids fest. (ETA the post is now up. See it HERE.)

Then the boys played outside with M and N going on a 3mile bike ride and plenty of outback play with the neighbors. They had to get all that in when it was almost 70deg yesterday since its going to be in the 20s today :( And last night I had to watch the Oscars.  Loved them as usual and even without seeing most of the nominated movies or actors I'm so glad with who all won.

Upcoming Week: Well my week is getting crazy and it wasn't supposed to be.  :(  N is getting out of school 3 hours early today due to the incoming sleet and snow. Yesterday morning it was just some sleet and now they are saying about an inch of snow too which means a delay or cancellation tomorrow too I'm sure.  I still want to try and find a new swimsuit before my cruise and I leave for that on Friday. Yea so excited for that but I need to pack for myself and get stuff at the house ready for the guys to be here all week by themselves.  Its kindof becoming a March tradition. Last year I spent a week in Vegas and this year a cruise so who wants to plan a trip for next March ;)

Box news:  My Julep box should be here today.  I went for the core basics this month so excited to get the oxygen treatment and a new freedom top coat. I actually skipped my Wantable intimates this month for now. :(  they make the skip easy and I didn't want it sitting here when I was gone so I plan to order it when I get back.

Business News:  Stampin' Up Extended the free In Color Marker special until 3/31/2014 so you still have time to jump on the My Paper Pumpkin deal.  You can check out my post HERE for more information. I still haven't put my Feb kit together yet but they are so cute gift bags with little banners.  So excited but I want to give them to the right people ;)  hmm not sure my mom and sister read this but possible a cruise goodie bag.  Oh that's an idea. Something I will have to work on this week. ehhh excited for that now

Also if you are still planning your next vacation check out my facebook page for Jenny at Love the Mouse Travel and let me know if I can help in anyway.  I specialize in Disney travel but I can help with cruises, Universal, Sea World and many other vacation locations. One of the fantastic Lego builds at the kidfest yesterday.

So do you have any big plans for this week? Are you having the crazy up and down weather too?

Have a great week!!!

disclaimer: As with most of my posts those are either referral links or products I sell and as usual however all opinions are my own. Thanks

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