Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Phone Dump

Linking up for some Dump with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. :) Sorry I couldn't resist. I think my 6yr olds humor is rubbing off on me.

Again this week is going to be C-centric but soon N will be tracked out and I will get some good pictures with him too.

When I got back from my cruise we had to make a trip to our new Target. C still loves this chair.

On one of our many nasty rainy days this week C said he was having a jammie day and if after yelling at me to get off the elliptical we cuddled on the bed. Well that was until he started Roaring at me. Why do little boys love to Roar so much?

Kali also wanted in on the jammie time action and C kept following her around holding her tail. When I tried to get a picture I kept getting fuzzy ones since they were moving but then I asked for the 2 of them to look my way and they both did. :) I love how much Kali loves C especially since she doesn't care for N at all. She avoids him at all costs but she and C are buddies.

So after having a snow day on Tuesday yesterday was so nice outside and today is looking good too. All of the kids played outside after school and C kept bringing me his sticks. I now have a collection right inside my back door.

And finally I do have a picture of N :)  His class is going on a field trip today so instead of wearing spirit wear they had to wear fancy clothes. This was as fancy as he was getting and decided he wanted to wear his shirt that matches daddy. Of course this shirt is only a 4 so a little small and I told him it was the last wear for this shirt but he was happy non-the-less.

So that was my week in pictures. How was your week?  Anything fun? Big plans for the weekend?


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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

    And I am cracking up at the too small shirt. L picks his clothes for school and he comes up with the craziest stuff sometimes. It's my fault for leaving too small clothes in his closet, but you'd think they'd be uncomfortable???


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