Saturday, May 17, 2014

Citrus Lane May 2014 Box Review 42month Boy

Here we go again time for this months Citrus Lane box.  I was a little surprised to see it today since originally the shipping said today and then it said Monday so I wasn't holding out hope.  However I was happy to see this here today.  I had looked at spoilers but I hadn't seen our exact age and there seems to be alot of variation this month so I was curious.

I still love a first glance when I can't really see what is in the box but I could tell it was pretty full. I love when they take the time to wrap it up and make everything look so perfect like they actually took the time with it instead of just tossing it all in the box.  I have C aged up a little bit so that we hopefully get toys that he can move into. So this month he got a box for a 42 month old. Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box service that is geared for kids age 0-5 and is $29 a month however that price can go down when you buy a longer subscription.

Peeling away the tissue and I was excited. I saw some things that I was already happy to get.

And now onto this months goodies:

  • GoodByn Hero lunch box - This is a brand new launch from Goodbyn and Citrus Lane is the first to get it and share with their customers. That makes me very excited. :)  We love Goodbyn here and N takes one to school everyday for lunch and snack.  Lately he has been starving and wanting more and more food so he was happy and claimed this one already.  We will be packing it on Monday. 
  • Crocodile Creek Watch - This is too funny.  C has really been into watches lately and has been wearing Ns around. He was so excited to get this and put it right on and wore it the rest of the day. I'm sure we will be wearing this alot coming up.
  • Duo Tip Washable Markers form Faber-Castell - We've gotten other items from Faber-Castell but I don't think we have gotten the markers before.  The boys and I were just talking about how we need to do a art box purge so these will be set aside and placed in there once we clean out the old.
  • Fresh Feet Wipes for kids from Jasmine Seven - This had me laughing when I had seen spoilers for peoples boxes.  We will totally use these especially when we travel. We wear mostly crocs and rainbows in the summer so all of our feet get nasty and its not always easy to wash off just your feet but wipes like these always seem to make it easier to do.
  • Crispy Cheddar Snacks from Back to Nature- Snacks are always welcome around here and while we've never had this brand this is a kindof snack we like. Going in my park bag for next week.
Over all I really like our box now that I've dug into it. In the spoilers I saw some great outdoor toys that we would have loved but we will use everything that we got and my boys have already claimed some so that is the best and what it is all about.  

Since I get my Citrus Lane boxes as a gift from a friend I think we have one more box on our subscription. I can't wait to see what we get next month.  Did you get a box this month? What age did you get?  If you are interesting in subscribing or just checking them out you can click my Citrus Lane link 'Citrus Lane' and now through 5/31 you can use the coupon code "TAKE20OFF" to take $20 off your first box!!!! That would make your first Citrus Lane box $9 which is totally AWESOME!!!  You will be enrolling in the monthly subscription box but you can then cancel if you are not happy with it but it does make it a great deal if you are wanting to check them out.

Happy Boxing,

disclaimer: those are referral links above and as I said I get store credits if you decide to join up through me.

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  1. I received the 44 month old boy box. It was pretty much identical. The watch was a HUGE hit! Seriously, it made the box for us! Hopefully you guys enjoy the box as much as we did!!


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