Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Jen for Thursday Thoughts.

  • I'm pretty much over the rain.  We have not had the bad weather that some around us have but I want the boys to be able to play outside and its just too mushy out there.  The rain has made everything look so green which I do like.
  • M surprised me and took me to see American Idiot last night.  I really enjoyed it. I don't know all the Green Day songs but the story flowed good and the kids singing were really good.  I will say that it is a very short show only about 2 hours with no intermission which was a little odd but the time went by really quick since its song after song after song.
  • I'm not really sure where yesterday went and how I never managed to blog. C and I stayed home all day and played and played and played and then I went out so that was my whole day. The weather didn't help either but still I usually find a couple minutes to post.:)
  • I have a Wantable box coming today. :) My mail lately has been pretty boring so I'm excited for this to get here. I also have mystery boxes coming tomorrow.  I love when I get a UPS tracking and I don't know what it is. I can guess its for a swap I'm in but I have no idea what it is.LOL  I will be stalking the mailbox tomorrow.
  • All of the rumors out there about Free Dining this fall at WDW really makes me want to plan a trip.  Maybe M and I can break away for a couple days and go to the Food and Wine Festival.  That would be Awesome!!!
  • Speaking of trips we are thinking of going up to Boston this summer. Its been a couple years since we've been up. Now for me to decide what all we want to do and where we want to stay.  I think we may need to do a night at the new Great Wolf Lodge. :)  The boys would think that was great.
So that is about it for my ramblings today.  What are you thinking about? Do you have plans for the weekend already?


disclaimer: That is my Wantable link up there and I will get credit if you decide to order through me.

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