Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wantable April 2014 Makeup Box Review

Yea so excited to finally see my Wantable box in my mail today.  My billing day is the 21st of the month and it usually ships a day or so after that well when I saw on Sunday that it still hadn't shipped yet I sent an email and got a reply back about 11pm that night saying that it looks like my order got stuck in the system and they would get it right out to me.  So I was excited to see if ship and get here.  Since it was later then normal I wasn't sure if I was getting April or May but my paper says April so I'm going with that. :)

As I've said before Wantable has a very indepth survey when you sign up. This allows you to really customize your box. Here is my list for this month.

Within each category you can pick color choices, finishes etc. I usually go in each month and play around a bit and I'm sure to do that this time too.

The packaging for Wantable is so great. This is what you see when opening your box.  It has your name up there and since I log in with facebook its my whole name and then a little strip that even calls your items goodies.  That is what I call them so it makes me smile :)  Then since each box is so customized you don't get an info card but an actual info sheet that shows you your product chart from your survey, your products and a little about each product.

First product look.  I love that they use the egg shell type foam.  It really keeps things together and I don't feel like my products are bouncing around on the way here.

And now for my goodie breakdown:

  • Eddie Funkhouser UD Bronze & Sculpt Powder ($12.99) - I have never heard of this brand but the price isn't too bad so its something I could totally get behind. This is an all in one multi-tasking bronzer, blusher, highlighter, and contour powder.  The five customizable shades combine matte and shimmer tones for a pearlescent multi-dimensional finish.  They also suggest for a natural sun-kissed color that you swirl your brush over the 3D pyramid studs and use it as an all over bronzer.  That is probably what I will do since actually going in and getting certain shades is not really my thing.
  • Medusa's Makeup Loose Highlighter ($12) - Oh my this is so exciting.  I love me some shimmer and I've never used this brand.  This will be great for a little cleavage shimmer with the plunging necklines of summer ;)
  • (PI...) Beauty Cheeky Blush in Pink a Boo ($22) - Another brand this month I've not heard of before. Blush is a daily use for me so I will get to this one too. I also like pink shades and this is a little pinker then shows so right up my alley.
  • Sorme Extreme Voluminizing Mascara in Black ($19) - I'm actually getting ready to trade out my mascaras so even if I don't use this right now it will get used soon.  I do get alot of mascaras and I can't use them all but my sister uses them daily so she gets some of my extras. ;)  
  • Liberty Republic Spellbound nailpolish in Hex ($14) - Hex is the bad girl of the Spellbound collection and I couldn't love it more.  I do have some blue polishes but nothing this deep and sparkly. The info says this cobalt polish has micro-fine flecks of teal and turquoise for complex take on the vampy blue polish.  I actually have a much lighter shade of blue on my toes so this might be my next pedi color.
So even with the delay I'm really liking my box this month. Many brands I've never seen before and that is part of what I love about boxes.  Trying and finding new brands to love. This month my box came to $79.99 and since the box only costs $36 a month with a subscription or $40 if you want a one time box. Wantable also has an easy skip feature on their website and I've been using that since I wasn't home to get them last month.  I like when they make things easy for me to get boxes when I want and not get them when I have other things going on.

Wantable also offers an intimates box which I should be getting in a week or so and an accessories box that I haven't tried out yet but since these boxed make me so happy each month I might have to try it out soon. ;)

Did you get a box this month? What goodies did you get?

disclaimer: As you can probably tell that is my referral link up there. If you decide to order through me then I will get credits for a future purchase.

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