Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Julep May 2014 French Twist Box Review

I'm not sure what was the delay this month but my Julep box finally came the other day.  I waited on the review until I had a chance to try the new Plie wand. And I'm working on this now and realizing my pictures are horrible this month.  So sorry. :(

The theme this month was French Twist and I think the colors were very springy.

Love seeing this box in my mail.

The box this month was a little bigger then my normal box. I knew the wand was coming but I didn't think it would have made the box bigger.  Not really sure what I was expecting. LOL

First look and I still couldn't tell what was going on.

And finally I got into the goodies.   This month I opted for the Bombshell box which came with two polishes and the Plie wand.  (Again sorry about the picture :( )

Here is the picture right from Julep so you can see the colors a little better.  This month the colors I got are.

  • Laree - a golden pink taffeta shimmer and oh my is this pretty.  I actually used this with my testing and I will be leaving it on a couple of days.  I'm not a huge pink nail person but this has just enough of a hint of orange shimmer to make it work for me.
  • Saaya - a golden apricot shimmer.  I'm not sure but I don't think I own any orange polishes so this is a welcome addition to my collection.  This will be my next mani for sure.
  • The Plie Wand - This is an ergonomic nail polishing tool.  I really wanted to try this out and see how it works.  I'm not sure I'm sold yet but I did like it and I will be giving it another try since I was really trying it out and you know it takes a couple tries to decide if I really like something.  

These pictures are fuzzy and I didn't clean up my nails yet but here is Laree applied with the Plie wand. I would say this is a little neater then I normally do but I'm hoping it gets even better with practice and decide which way I like to use the wand.

 Julep is a monthly nailpolish subscription box that costs $19.99 a month and you get to select from the different boxes each month. This is changing in June to a configure your own type box and the cost will go up but for May it is still this. They also have a store online that gives you the Maven price and free shipping if you have a subscription. I love this since they always have some good deals on their that I can grab when looking for a specific color.  If you would like to try your first box for free use code FREEBOX and you will only have to pay S&H (which I think is about $4.99)

Did you get a box this month?  What are your thoughts on the Plie wand?  I'm still holding out judgement but I'm sure to update in a future post as I use it more.


disclaimer:  As usual that is my referral link up there so if you decide to try Julep out I will get Jules to use towards future purchases however even with that all opinions are my own. Thanks

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  1. It's still not as easy as having someone paint them for you, but I think it's better than the normal ones. LOL.


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