Thursday, May 22, 2014

Citrus Lane Mystery Box - Boon Water Bugs Box

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WOW I was really surprised to see a Citrus Lane box on my porch today. I had ordered one of the latest mystery boxes but last time I checked the tracking it had said Saturday so to get it on Thursday is a surprise.

Citrus Lane has started offering mystery boxes occasionally. They let you pick on of the items and the rest are a surprise. They also tell you the ages and I've been waiting for one a little older so that we may be closer to our age so when they offered one for 2+ and I could pick the Boon Water Bugs which we don't have I decided to grab one.  I'm still hoping for a 3+ box but maybe next time. :)

First look and I was happy. A couple things I knew and we don't have and I knew that C would like the top item ;) I mean really it makes noise so who wouldn't like it. LOL

And all of the contents, I'm not sure there is a theme for this one. I think I thought maybe it had a water theme since I got to pick the water bugs but that is so not the case and I'm ok with that.
  • Melissa and Doug Create a Craft Race Car (Age4+) ($6.69) - I actually think we have one of these around this house some where but we haven't put it together yet and this is perfect since with two both boys can do their own and as I'm learning that is very important.
  • Barefoot Books Driving my Tractor 2 In a Box puzzles (Ages3+) ($13.49) - I think we have this book around here so I'll need to pull it back out. I do like these puzzles and I just cleared out all out baby puzzles so this is a nice step up for C to do.
  • Zoli Sumo Snack Stack Snack Pile ($14.50) - At first I was like huh but then when I pulled it up my boys were like this is perfect for taking snacks to the pool.  So we will be keeping this and using it for that. 
  • Green Sprouts Water Bottle (8.29) - You can never have too many water bottles in the summer. C has already claimed this one as his.
  • Green Toys Build a Burger (Ages 2+) ($8) - This was a Citrus Lane exclusive so I estimated a price. We actually got this before but again its nice to have two of somethings and we love Green Toys around our house. This will be great for grill play this summer.
  • Alex Dot to Dot Chalks (Ages 3+) ($5.99) - Again an item we got quite awhile ago and since its chalk it is long gone.  Setting this next to the door to go out right now. We love chalk at our house and our back patio is proof of that. LOL
  • Hohner kids 6" Colored Tambourine (Ages 3+)($8.99) - Uhm really Citrus Lane must know my boys and know how they love to make noise. C is already eyeing this and I told him we would open it after dinner. Help me now.
  • Boon Water Bugs (Ages 9+) ($7.99) - So this is the item that determined which box we got. Since pool season just started here we will be taking this with us there to play with.
They mystery box said it would have a value of $80+ and mine came to only $73.94 but I use Amazon prices and I know they use manufacturer retail.  Since the box was only $39 plus $4.95 shipping I'm very happy.  These are items that we will get use of and most have already made their way around my house. This was a special mystery box but we also get the monthly box which is $29 a month or less with a longer subscription and gets an assortment of items.  You can get duplicates in these mystery boxes since they are leftovers from past boxes but you know me I'm a sucker for a surprise box. :)

So what do you think of this mystery box?  Did you get one? What was in yours? I'm still hoping for another one with an even older age and I'd be all over that.


ETA - I updated it with the water bugs I had forgotten to put them in my breakdown. :)

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