Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What I love Wednesday

Who is ready for some LOVE today?

Clearing out. :)  I had a yardsale on Saturday and then this morning I took 10 totes and tons of loose stuff to a friend who is starting an online consignment page.  I'm glad to hopefully get a little money back for my stuff but I'm also glad to see some of it go.  

My crazy boy. He will come over and say he needs to cuddle me and that really means squeeze in the chair with me.  Yesterday one of my groups had stop and take a selfie thread so we did. He is such a ham.

OMG who watched the Supernatural finale last night? There was so much going on in there and that ending. I was bawling and then I was like Holy Crap. No really I yelled that at the tv. LOL M thought I was crazy.  I actually kept the episode on the Tivo so I can watch it again now that I know the ending to see if there is foreshadowing which is something this show does really well. But lets just leave it with Holy Crap.  I can't not wait until next season.

Moving onto something sweet I am addicted to microwave S'mores. LOL I'm not sure what makes me think it has to be warm outside to have them but they are so good and so quick to make.

What are you loving today?


  1. Supernatural WAS good!!!!!

    That's a lot of stuff to get loaded up!!! Way to go!!!! Bet that felt really good!!!

  2. Mmmmm...smores! I haven't made them in in the microwave yet!


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