Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday "Now It's Time to Say Goodbye"

Well it's been awhile since I've done a TV Talk and with all the season/series finales on right now I want to do a Now it's time to say goodbye post. This is going to be about the shows that I've either dropped this season or that have been cancelled.  I will do a post soon about the shows that I think really stepped up their game later on.

Who remembers my post back in the fall with the chart for the shows I plan to watch this season?  If you want a refresher you can see it HERE. Lets go day by day based on my Fall Chart.


  • How I Met your Mother - This was the finale season of this show and as much as I like the show overall this season just dragged on and on for me. M and I finally watched the finale the other day. It was time for this one to come to an end.
  • Sleepy Hollow  - oh I had such high hopes for this show and I really tried to watch it but it just did not hold my attention at all. It is filmed locally so I was hoping to add it to my rotation but I ended up watching only about 4 episodes and then the rest sat on my Tivo until a couple weeks ago when I finally had to cut them loose.
  • Hmm well there is nothing on my chart but I had picked up Star Crossed as a mid season show and I really enjoyed it. I think it got off to a rocky start and people didn't give it a chance. Then they moved it to Monday and that didn't help things at all. I'm actually sad this one got cancelled as I think it was set up pretty good for next season. Oh and very random fact I just found out but Matt Lanter is the voice of Anakin Skywalker on the Clone Wars cartoons. LOL so he will be at StarWars Weekends in Disney Hollywood Studios. Who knew?
  • The Tomorrow People - I was slow on the go with this one. I had a half dozen shows recorded before I started to watch and then I was hooked.  It actually had decent ratings but during the upfronts the CW said it was between this one and Beauty and the Beast and the second has a better online presence. So just shows that if you love a show then share the love and talk about it with your friends online so the network can see.  I think they did do a good job of closing the season off and still then setting up the next season if it had been picked up.
  • Revolution - Not sure if I mentioned it sometime but I didn't watch the first season until last summer and then we didn't start this season until March.  I still have about 12 episodes to go this season and I'm trying to decide if I should watch them. I think the finale is this week and then someone will have to tell me if they resolve anything or if I would just be really frustrated with it. LOL
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - This one was a no go for me strictly due to timing. I already record two shows at 8:00 om Thursday so I never recorded it and never got into watching it online.  I may try and catch it online sometime since I know it was made as a one season show and some of the characters are going to be on Once Upon a Time next season. 
  • The Crazy Ones - Another show that I am really sad to see go.  M and I liked this one and I actually liked Sarah Michelle Gellar playing a funny lady. She was the more straight character to Robin Williams funny man but she did a great job and I thought it was a good show.
  • Dracula - Oh how I wanted to watch you and I somehow never even recorded you even though I don't have any other shows on Friday.  Since it was cancelled I guess I didn't miss much but some of my friends did say they really liked this one.
  • Revenge - I did  I pulled the plug on Revenge. I had the season recorded and I watched the first couple but then I just had no desire to watch anymore. Since I have so many shows that I do enjoy to watch I decided to just pull the plug and say I don't watch this anymore. I know I may regret it later but for now it feels good.

So those are the shows that will not be on my chart come fall 2015 either due to me or due to the network. Do you have any shows you are really going to miss or that you just had to ditch this year?  Be on the look out for another post with the new shows I loved, the shows coming up for fall 2015 I'm looking forward too and possible a season finale post with my thoughts.  We'll see how much tv I can talk about ;)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

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