Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What I LOVE Wednesday

Who wants to know what I'm loving today? :)

My friends have been telling me to watch this show forever and I finally started this week and I'm hooked. WOW how did I miss this and who knew that Mtv still made good shows. :)  I'm only on season one but I hear it just keeps up the awesome. I can't wait.

I'm loving the pool. I know it's just the beginning of the season but C and I went for 3 hours yesterday and then we came home and he crashed. He barely finished his lunch and he crashed on the couch and then I moved him to the car to go and pick up N and he stayed asleep.  In all he slept about 2.5hours which is unheard of for him.  If he is going to do that we may need to pool everyday day ;)

I've been wanting some Apothecary Jars for awhile now and I'm still looking. I currently love these from Pottery Barn. Problem is I want them for my mantle and for my bathroom and pretty much everywhere.  I need to decide the best spot so I don't go Apothecary overboard.

I'm loving these guys and I almost didn't offer them up for the giveaway. :)  But I'm celebrating the opening of the Seven Drawfs Mine Train Coaster and am hosting a giveaway over on my facebook page. You can check it out and enter HERE.  It is celebrating two of my favorite things Disney and roller coasters all wrapped in one.  I had to celebrate it!!!

What are you loving today?


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