Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

 Linking up again for Thursday Thoughts.

  • I think you can now officially call it addicted to Awkward.  I'm now on season 2 and it is so so so good.  Anyone else watch?
  • I really need to just not buy Reeses Chips Ahoy. They are cookie crack and I can sit and eat a whole bag in one sitting. I am that bad. Oh and while I'm banning food I need to not get cool Ranch Doritos too.  I can't do the whole bag in one sitting but it only takes about 2 ;) and C has gotten my love of them too and he can down them.
  • Going to see Neighbors tonight with M.  Love date night :)
  • Posting about the Seven Dwarfs opening has me really wanting to go to WDW now. Anyone up for a weekend trip? It's only a 10hr drive for me and I could go down and back in one weekend ;)  While I'm on it don't forget to check out my giveaway on my FB page. Giveaway
  • I've built so many Legos the last two days I think I have Lego fingers. 
  • I still have to read A Fault in the Stars. I've had the book since March and I haven't cracked it yet.  The movie comes out next weekend and I want to read it first so I better get on it.
So what are you thinking about today? Anything happening this weekend?

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