Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday (not so) Morning Musings

Busy morning here so I didn't get a chance to update. I have a little downtime now so thought I would fill you in.

Weekend Update: It was a pretty busy weekend. N had his last snow make-up day on Saturday so while we was in school M,C, and I worked in the house. Then M had to go to work and my sister came over. It was a beautiful day here as you can see with C on the swing his new favorite outside activity.  My sister and I did some garage cleaning while she was here so that she could  move some of her dorm stuff in until she moves into her apartment.  This was the pile of boxes that had to be broken down and taken out of here.  That night one of my groups had a stop what you are doing and take a selfie so of course I had to jump in.

Sunday was another full day.  M was off all day so we headed out to pick strawberries. This is a favorite activity for us and I'm sure we will go at least once a week during the season.  Then that night we went to the Durham Bulls game for May the 4th be with you night.  The players wore R2D2 jerseys and there were Star Wars characters out for pictures. This is one of the many we took that night.

And now onto Monday morning.  C and I got up and headed to the park with friends. I always wonder what little boys are talking about when just so far away ;)  The slides were extra staticy today so we had lots of fun going up and down them.  It is also teacher appreciation week and there is a theme each day.  Today was supplies so off to Target and clearance we went shopping. Wrap it in a ribbon and add a tag and we are good to go.

Upcoming week: Hmm lets see. We already went to the park today. C has school Tues and Thurs and its kindof sad that it is getting close to the end of the preschool year for him. N has a field trip on Thursday to the local museum and I'm chaperoning.  It should be fun but it will be so hot expected to be almost 90°F that day. Ugh

Box News:  I'm currently stalking my mailman since my Julep box is out for delivery :) My mail comes mid afternoon so it should be here soon.  I think my Ipsy should ship later this week and then delivery depends on if it takes a vacation this month or not.  I never know which route it is going to take.

Business News: 

The rumors were true and Free Dining for the fall at WDW has been announced. Right now it is for Disney Visa card holders with it being available to the general public starting Wed the 7th. You can check out all the information on my Facebook page  And send me a message if you want me to work on your next trip.

Do you have any big plans for the week?  What are you most looking forward to coming up?


disclaimer: As you can probably guess those are my referral links up there but as always opinions and thoughts are all my own.


  1. Selfies in the middle of garage cleaning!!!!

    1. Well you know before I clean I must take a selfie ;)

  2. Do I know what M does? Have I asked this a million times before?


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