Friday, December 6, 2013

Wantable Intimates Dec 2013 Box Review

So excited that my Wantable Intimates box came in the mail today.  I just ordered it the other day when they were having their Buy one get one (BOGO) Cyber Monday deal.  I love me some fast shipping especially around the holidays.

This is the normal looking Wantable box that I am used to with my makeup subscription but it is a larger size.

First look and I was so excited.  Wantable doesn't send a normal information card since each box is curated for the person who is going to receive it.  They have a very in depth questionnaire so that you will get mostly items you love and like and will not get any you dislike.  You can go in and modify your results at anytime.  Since I hadn't gotten any of these boxes yet and the ones I had seen were really all over the place I tried to make my survey as general as possible so they could dazzle me with their selections.  Here is what my results looked like this month.

And now the unveiling.

Eeehhh At first real look and I was intrigued. Some items that jumped right away but others I had no idea what they were so I had to look and read. :)  Keep going for the breakdown...

Chickies Cleavage Coverage in Raspberry ($33) - This was the item I had no idea what it was. It was folded up and placed in the little bag.  This is a product the notes say is something that you will smack your forehead and say "why didn't I think of that." LOL It is basically a dickie for women.  It cam be worn with any two strap bra and then wraps around the back for a secure feel.  I love this color and I want to try it out with some of the deep neckline looks this winter.

OnGossamer Bikini in Tangerine 2 ($22) - This is their signature bikini in a seamless superfine mesh.  I can't tell you how soft these are. And FYI in my survey when I signed up I said I loved color basically the brighter the better so they have followed that as you can see.

PACT Lake blue Pointelle Ankle sock ($10) - I love socks and since the last couple I've put on I've had to trash due to wear these couldn't come at a better time. Plus they are certified organic cotton and all facilities used to make them are certified ensuring the highest level of environmental and social responsibility.  Always nice to do some good for the Earth.

MUK LUKs snowflaked slipper socks ($24) - OMG these are AWESOME well not so much today since its 80deg here in NC but starting tomorrow the high will only be 50deg and it goes down from there. I can't wait to curl up by the fire and wear these.

So what do you think? Are you loving this box?  As with the makeup box the intimate box is $36 a month.  If you want to check any of the Wantable boxes out you can see them by clicking my Wantable link. This box came to $89 so it was a great value and as usual if you don't love it they have an easy way for you to return your box for a refund.  Also they make it easy to skip months on their website if you don't want to get one every month. I love when a company makes my life easier.

Happy shopping and let me know if you got a box too. I'd love to see what else people are getting.

disclaimer: That is my referral link above and I will get credit if you order through my link. Thanks.

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