Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday

Bringing back one of my favorite posts as I'm getting ready for the fall season. I still haven't made my chart for this year yet since I'm waiting on my EW to get here (I'm really hoping its this weeks edition).  But I wanted to remind you what my chart looked like last season Fall 2013 TV Chart

Based on what I already know this season my chart will be looking different. Some of the shows I dropped last season or they ended or didn't get picked up. I talked about those last May HERE.  So as you can see I do have some openings in my chart and the networks are moving everything around this year so I know I might have to make some concessions this season. :(

So far I know I want to try Gotham and another one that I keep seeing commercials for that has me intrigued is Forever but I haven't really looked into that one yet.

Do you know of any shows you know you wan to try out this upcoming season? Let me know so I can make sure to check into it and be sure to check back soon for an updated 2014 Fall TV season chart and all the details on the shows I can't wait to see.

Happy Viewing!!!


  1. You have a chart for the TV shows you watch?

  2. I am cracking up that you have a chart too! I guess I shouldn't laugh because I constantly forget what I want to watch and then just end up binge watching when I do remember.


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