Friday, October 26, 2012

October POPSugar Must Have Box Review

My box came yesterday and I'll start by saying over all I like it.  Last month was my first month and that box just rocked so I think we all got a little spoiled but this box is pretty good by itself.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Well POPSugar must have is another subscription box that costs $35 a month.  Every month they send you a box with some great goodies in it.  Here is this months box.

 Each box comes with an insert that tells you all about the contents.  This one is a fold out card with lots of pages. 
 This was my first look into the box and my boys were all about the food.
I have heard of The Casual Vacancy.  I mean who hasn't heard of J.K. Rowling but I was not a Harry Potter book fan. I love the movies but could never get into the books so it wasn't on my list of books to buy right away.  This one is more adult and since they gave it to me I can't wait to give it a try. I know some people are complaining about a real book but I still love a real book.  Just holding it and curling up to read.  You just can't do that with an electronic reader.
Not surprising there is a breast cancer something in the box.  These are some great OPI colors a neutral pink and some WOWing glitter. I love OPI and if you could see my nails right now you would know how much I'm in need of this.  I hope to get some time tonight to make my nails pretty again.  Hmm maybe while I'm watching the Magic Mike extras ;)

Here is the candy - some Dylans gummy bears and some pirate's booty.  My boys love gummy  bears so they are ready to dig into those and I have never tried Pirate's Booty but I looked at it when we were buying Halloween candy at Target the other day.  I'm going to have to make sure I get a taste of that.
 These socks are by Crescent Moon Socks.  They say they are for yoga or other exercises.  Since I'm not going to use them for that I'm sure to be wearing them around my house. Its still warm here in NC but next week it will be cold and I'll be in socks throughout the winter.
 I'm kindof a shampoo snob.  Did you see one of my previous posts about my newest discovery?  Well these are trial size but rather on the large size so I can see using this on a trip. Otherwise they will go in my donate bag for the food bank at my parents church. They carry all kinds of food and personal items and that's where my samples go that I won't be using.  I fill the bag and then take it down to my mom.

The candles are by Red Flower Petal Topped Candle.  I got the spanish gardenia scent. I haven't opened it yet but it already smells good in the box. I'm also a candle snob but I'm going to give this one a try and see how I like it.

So that's my box this month. Not as full and exciting as last month because that box just rocked but still a great box and well worth the money.  I love getting full size and larger sample size products.  Also random but I noticed yesterday that even the bubble wrap in my package is tinted pink. How cool is that.  If you go to their site next month is already sold out so sign up now to get the next box available. Check it out here so that I get credit:)  POPSugar


disclaimer:  Yeap you know it my affiliate links are in this post.  You guys order through my links and I get credits for more boxes. :)  These boxes are great so I would love the credits.


  1. Not to bad!!!!! I would love to read the book, I have heard good things about it! As a Harry Potter fan, I love her writing!

    1. I'm not into the book I'm reading so I'm thinking of jumping on this one. I will pass it to you when I'm done. :)


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