Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tivo Love

I love my Tivo.  I'm not sure how I ever lived without it.  M and I got our first one way back in 1997 before anyone even knew what a DVR was.  It only held 8 hours of tv and was basically just a replacement for the VCR. LOL  We moved on from there and at one time I hate to say we had 3 different Tivos running in our house. :)  I always say it saves me time since an hour show is really only about 44 minutes so if I skip all the commercials I'm saving 16minutes of my day. ;)  That allows me to watch more shows.

Yes I love TV and if possible I list it as a hobby. So what got me thinking about this today?  I was setting up a couple new season passes for tonights new shows (I can't wait to check out Arrow and Nashville) and realized we have 50 season passes.  This was after I cleared out some shows that are no longer one.  Not all of these shows are on all the time and some we have set up to just keep 5 episodes but yes we have 50 scheduled shows on there.

So now I'm curious how many shows do you have set to season pass on your Tivo or DVR?  I can not be the only one with this many shows on there.  Also how do you use yours?  Some of my shows I watch right away and others I like to hold onto a couple episodes and watch mini marathons.  Serial shows are really good for this as you don't forget things from week to week.

Show me your TV love and happy viewings,


disclaimer:  The love I show Tivo is my own and we pay our tivo bill every month since they got rid of the lifetime memberships with the newer tivos.  However if anyone can hook us up with them just let me know. ;)

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