Saturday, October 13, 2012

October Birchbox Men

I felt bad leaving M out of all the subscription box fun so I signed him up for Birchbox Men. His first box came this week and it was pretty great. I plan to get at least a couple more months of these for him and see how they go. :) Just look at what all he got.

M loves his gadgets so I can really see the cable holders coming in handy.  He loved these when he looked at the box.

I've never seen him using a Pre-Shave Oil but it may be something he needs to try out.  We'll have to see how its working.

hmm powder who can't use more powder.

and a couple smaller samples thrown in.
This is our first Birchbox (I'm still on the waitlist for the womens box) so I haven't done the reviews yet but you are supposed to be able to review the items on their site and get points that you can then translate into discounts on full size items.  I can't wait to do that part. :)
disclaimer: yes my affiliate links are included.  You guys order through me and I can work on getting more stuff.

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