Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wittlebee Sept 2012

I love to get great clothes for my boys.  I hit the stores, shop online and go to consignment sales and stores. Then I discovered this great service called Wittlebee.  For a fee each month they will send you 6 items for your child.  When you first log in you will fill out a profile of sizes and likes and dislikes.  There is also an option to get a stylist to call you or just add some notes to them in there.  So far I've only gotten one month and it was for N. Poor C gets lots of Ns hand me downs but I may have to add some boxes for him too. :)

Here was our first box.

We got 4 different shirts and 2 pairs of pants.  The pants are both Mulberribush and seam to run a little big so something for N to grow into. He's such a skinny little man.  The Mexico shirt is Tea.  I absolutely love this brand. They are so soft.  The knight shirt comes from Warrior Poet which is a brand I've never heard of but N seems to love it so its a win from me.  The motorcycle shirt is a Carters which you can never go wrong with and its a layered hoodie look which is all the rage right now.  Finally the red cars shirt is by Mulberribush and is more of a sweatshirt. N can't wait to wear this one as he had another Mulberribish car sweatshirt last year that he wore out and has grown out of so he's glad for a new replacement.

I'll try to get some better pictures next month with N maybe being a model. :)

The service costs $39.99 a month. If you use my link Wittlebee you will get $10 off your first order. I can't wait to get another month for N and then I'm thinking of switching over for a couple months for C.


disclaimer: of course I have my links in the article.  You buy through me and they show me the love. :)

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  1. Those are actually really nice! Tea is very expensive and we have and loved a lot of mulberribush stuff!!!


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