Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kiwi Crate October Review

Yeah!!!  I love to craft so when I saw this subscription box I knew we had to give it a try.  This is Kiwi Crate and they send age appropriate crafts with a specific theme each month.  With your first order your little one gets their own pair of safety scissors.  N loved this and has already been using them. :)

The theme this month was Shadow and Light.  I loved this theme and I think the projects are really cute. 
This is the box when I first opened it up.

 The first project is a kaleidoscope.  We haven't done this one yet but as its turning colder I set it aside for a nasty day. N only wanted to do one last night so he picked the puppets below.
N and I worked on this one last tonight.  Very simply with easy to punch out pieces and then brads that attach them to the Popsicle sticks. He loved it and he pretended that the shark was eating everything.  They even sent a little flashlight that is windup powered so we won't need to keep finding batteries for it.  This is very timely as N and I were talking about the hurricane today and even though we are in NC and inland he was concerned about loosing power and took this upstairs with him in case the hurricane comes here.

 Oh and they sent a card with how we can turn the box into a puppet theater so we might try that out too. No waste in this crate.

Over all I love this box and I've already peaked at next months theme so I'm excited to get it too. It is a musical box in conjunction with Carnegie Hall.!!!  If you're looking for some fun crafts for you kids this will be great. I'm so glad I gave Kiwi Crate a try.


disclaimer:  Yeap my affiliate link is included.  If you buy through me then I get credits for future crates.

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