Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Random photo scans

So recently I've had some random photos floating around that I needed to scan in to share. :)  Here they are in all there randomness.

This was a free digital picture taken while we were at Disney.  You get to do a little interaction on a green screen and they send you a picture.  N loves Phineas and Ferb so playing with Perry was fun.
Ok this is the funniest picture ever.  N is obsessed with Star Wars now and he rode Star Tours over and over.  They have one of these photo places in the store as you exit and he wanted to be a Storm Trooper.  He liked this one since it had Chewy in it too so his little brother got to be a trooper too.  This picture is just hysterical to me and it looks nothing like them but I love it.

My three guys on a ride at the fair.  This was Cs first ride and it had a photo at the exit.  He loved it.

I  just got this one today.  N had his school pictures taken last week and you have to pick a package before they take the pictures.  I always pick the smallest package since I have no idea how it will be.  This one isn't too bad.
So do yo have any random out there photos that you like.  I'm also a scrapbooker so I keep and take tons of photos of everything.


  1. OMG!!! That Star Wars one is a HOOT!!!! LOL!!!!!! My kids would have loved that!!!

  2. HaHa you'll have to do it next time. They have lots of pictures to choose from but Noah had to be a storm trooper since they are his favorite. He is Luke Skywalker and Caleb is Hans Solo and he will tell you all about it if you ask. LOL


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