Monday, October 8, 2012

Preschool Babble

I always laugh when picking N up from preschool. This is his second year at this school and he goes 4 days a week.  I get very little information on how his day was or what he did. We've been gone on vacation a week so you would think I'd get some good info today.  Nope. This is the information he was most excited about when he got in the car:
  • They got to play on the new grass today.  (Part of his playground got some artificial turf and today was the first day they were allowed on it)
  • They had gummies for snack.  (and water but he doesn't drink water so he said he just dumped it out)
  • and he made a new friend today. (I asked who it was and he said he didn't know.  I then prodded boy or girl and he said girl but he doesn't know her name.)
This was actually alot for him to offer on his own. Usually I get what they had for snack and whether he peed at school that day. LOL  I then usually proceed to ask pointed questions like did you make any art, did you work in your journal, did you sing etc and I usually just get a yes or no response.

So I'm just wondering does anyone else with a 4.5yr old boy get any more information from them?  Don't get me wrong my son is a talker normally and like me can talk to a brick wall he just doesn't share anything that he has done there.  Thank goodness for a great director and teacher and email or I'd have no idea what is going on.

I can only imagine how it will be the older he gets. :/


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  1. Just glad it isn't rice out of his nose that he is doing at school....true story.


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