Monday, October 22, 2012

October 2012 Citrus Lane Box

 My October Citrus Lane box was waiting for me when I got home Sunday.  I admit I opened it quickly and took pictures but then I wrapped it back up so that C could dig into it today. :)
Every box comes with a little insert with the theme on the front and on the back they list the contents of the box and any discounts you may be able to get if you want to order from the site.:)
Let's start with the book.  I'm loving this book.  C and I read it today and he thought it was great.  I actually had to read it 3 times before he took off with it to put on the bookshelf. I laughed when I saw the title since I always think of the song Anything you can do I can do better when I'm watching my little guys.  C wants to do and thinks he can do everything that big brother N can do.

We haven't tried these yet. I know alot of people were complaining about the food pouches but I like to keep them and take them when we are going to be out.  They are easy for C to eat and I know he's still getting something good even if its not exactly what the rest of us are having.  C pretty much eats everything so I think he will like the flavor.

This was an odd one for me since it says for ages 0+ and C is already 20monhs. (how in the world did that happen?) however Citrus Lane must know better since he loves the ball and played with it for a long time this afternoon.

Ok I saw some other people had gotten these and was hoping we would too.  I don't own these and C has turned into a little dipper so I'm super excited to try these out. Love Love Love this idea.

They liquid items come in a bag I'm assuming so that incase they leak hopefully its contained but mine made it here in fine condition.  There is some babyanaics Healin' Groovy lotion and then a sample for mommy of DHC Deep Cleaning Oil.  Both my little guys have some eczema issues so I can't wait to try the lotion and what mommy doesn't need a little pick me up.
Over all a pretty good month for us.  Incase you don't know Citrus Lane is a subscription box service that will deliver age appropriate items to your house once a month.  It cost $25 a month and you can get little bit of a deal if you buy a package of multiple months at a time. I signed up for 3 months when I did so I have one more month to go and then I'll have to decide to keep it or not.  We are loving it so far. :)

disclaimer:  Yes my affiliate links are above. I buy my own subscription so if you order through my link then I can get more months at a discount.  ;)

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  1. We still have one of those balls....and my 12 year old will toss it around...hence the 0 PLUS age group!!!!! :)


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