Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cravebox Book Club

So cravebox is kindof like a subscription box but its a little different.  They have a subscritption that you have to be invited to but they also have a lottery for boxes too.  I use the lottery method.  They will announce their theme and then if you are interested you enter and if you get selected they will charge you and send your box. I've done this a couple times over the year but I just got the newest box which had a book club theme.
This is the first look into the box.  I love all the krinkle paper in there.  I plan to put it in a bag so that I can use it in a future gift. :)
With this theme being Book Club you could expect a book.
I will admit I've never heard of this book but I will add it to my to read pile and hopefully get to it soon.
The box also came with some yummy goodies to munch on while you read.
Neither of these are things I normally like so I passed them on to my mother in law. Licorice is one of her favorite snacky foods so she was very excited.
The box also included a very pretty bracelet that the insert card says " Goodies like these, for the mind and mouth, make it easy to appreciate the fun of Fall." 
This is a Gratitudes Bracelet from Alexa's Angels and is rich wood and rhodium beads to help you count your blessings every day.  It is really nice looking.  I don't wear tons of jewelry but I can see pulling this out from time to time.
Over this is only an ok box for me.  I've gotten better ones from Cravebox that had samples and coupons on them.  I will probably read the book and someone will eat the food but nothing that just was all that great for me.  I know I will probably try for the next box too and see what I get depending on the theme.  I do love me some mystery boxes.

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