Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First Haircut at Magic Kingdom

We had my first sons first haircut at Disney.  It worked out that we were there when he needed it so now that it was time for my younger son C to get his first haircurt I knwe we needed to go back. :)  Last week was the time to go.  They do a great job at the Harmony Street Barbershop and the price is very reasonanble only $18 for the First Cut package (of course has my husband reminds me you also have to take into account the whole trip ;) ) With the package you get the haircut, a little bag with some of the hair in it, a certificate and the mouse ears.

Here is C waiting for his turn.  Look at all that hair!!!  It didn't normally look that bad but it was so hot at humid in Orlando that it was in a lovely state.
 Its his turn. They covered his shirt in stickers and he was so great sitting there.
 Bye Bye all that sweat baby hair.  They really cut alot of hair off.
 What are you doing back there?
 Stickers, Stickers, I have stickers

And he's all done.
Its a great place for your first hair cut or any hair cut if you happen to be down there.  They will also add hair gel coloring and pixie dust to your hair if you want it.


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