Friday, October 12, 2012

October Ipsy bag

I'm in love!!! With my new Ipsy bag!!! Just take a look at it.
But first it came in a wonderfully bright purple envelope.  I loved getting this out of the mailbox.
Now onto the goodies.  When you first sign up and get on the waiting list you fill out a color profile.  Then when you get colored items in your bag they should be more in your color pallette.  The first item I got out was a 4 pack of eyeshadows by Coastal Scents.  The package says it is set 3 and the colors are Maroon Berry, Flesh Tone, Caramel, and Light Bronze.  I can't wait to play with them.

Next up came a hari treatment. The package says to work a small amount into your hair before you blow dry or air dry, or to already styled hair to calm frizziness or anytime for added softness. I'm not sure how much I'll use this but I'm up to give it a try.

Yeah for more lipgloss.  Those of you that know me know I'm obssessed with my Dr. Pepper charpstick, :) but I'm up to try something new.  This is actually a huge full size sample.  I've never heard of the brand mirenesse but the color is really great.  I''m not sure its actual name but it says Lip Bomb Mirror Me.  I will be trying this so if you see me and I don't smell like Dr. Pepper you will know why.
Back to the eye makeup this is a new mascara from the Balm.  Its a black mascara and just what I'm needing. I was just scrapping the last of my old tube so I'll be using this one soon.

And finally eyeliner from be a bombshell.  At first I thought this was a liquid liner but its really more like a marker. I've never used this kind of eyeliner but I'm up for it.
This was my first month for this box and it runs $10.  I think it was a great deal and I can't wait to try out all my goodies and using my new bag.  This cute little bag is going into my new purse that I will write about in another post. :)

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  1. I am loving my ipsy bag! Thanks for letting me know about this one! Can't wait to use the new eye shadows! I used the mascara, hair serum, and lip gloss today. Lip Gloss is a little bright pinky for me--but I think if I mix it with another lip gloss, I will put it to good use!


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