Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My current Random Obsessions

So what am I currently loving?  I know you are all very curious on this topic.  :)  So I'm going to share a couple of my current loves with you below.

I love coming home to unexpected packages in the mail. Not bills or junk mail but good ole fashioned envelopes or boxes with goodies in them. Occasionally my subscription boxes show up ahead of schedule and that's always fun but when I came home this weekend I had two unexpected envelopes with goodies in them.
The first was a sample I'm guessing I signed up for but I'm not sure where from but its a smashbox mascara.  Its a decent size sample and since I don't wear mascara everyday I don't need a full size since they always go bad before I can use it all.  This travel size is perfect.  I can't wait to try it out.
The second was truly a surprise.  I have a FB friend who is also a scrapper and she got a ton of bakers twine for her birthday.  I was in love with all the great colors and she mailed me a sampling of each color. :)  How great is that.  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!  Now I just need some time to get in my craft room to use it. ;)
Ok this is a silly story.  M brought home a couple bottles of this that a friend gave him.  I am not normally a burts bees kindof girl.  I hate honey so I think its the name that turns me off or it could be the smell of some of the products and the thought they all will taste like honey anyway you get the picture.  I took the bottles and just put them in my guest bathroom.  Since I've done this I've had multiple guests just rave on this shampoo and conditioner but I had never tried it.  Fast forward to this weekend at my moms and she loved it at my house and bought some for her house.  I used it in her bathroom and WOW  I'm in love.  It made my hair feel so soft and fluffy and it smelled so great.  I can't believe I've had this in my guest bathroom for months and never used it.  LOL  I'm going to have to work it into my shower rotation. :) Seriously if you don't believe me you need to give it a try this stuff is wonderful.

I got this eyeliner in last months Ipsy box.  You can check my review for the other items in the box. I first thought this was a liquid liner which I'm not great at but its really more of a marker.  I used it last weekend and I'm in love.  It went on really easy and it looked great.  My sister (Hi!!!) even said I should wear it everyday since it made my eyes pop.  I'm obsessed with this eyeliner and will have to get some more when I run out.  Again I don't always wear eye makeup but this is making me think that I need to add eyeliner to my normal daily routine. Love Love Love it.
So that's what I'm currently loving.  What are your current obsessions?  Anything I need to try out?  Have you tried any of mine?  What are your thoughts?

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