Thursday, November 14, 2013

Citrus Lane November 2013 box review

In my stack of mail today was also my Citrus Lane box. I had seen a couple pictures yesterday but I didn't know what would be in my box since they vary by age so I was anxious to see what we get.  I get my Citrus Lane box for C and have him aged up a little bit to 36months. I like getting toys he can move into.

First look in the box. You can't really see what you are getting but I love that it is all wrapped in tissue with a cute little sticker.

So this is my first real look inside and I was already excited. The print I could see was so cute.

And for all the details on this months goodies.  I will tell you now that I am going to take everything except the snack and stash it away for Christmas gifts. C will have lots of fun goodies to open. :)

  • Bumkins lunch tote - this is really cute and insulated. Right now C uses hand me down bags from N whenever he needs something so this will be all his own and he will love it
  • Beeswax Crayons and Doodle Pad - we go through so much paper and crayons at our house doing "art" and C is a master artist. These will make great stocking stuffers
  • Build-a-burger from Green Toys - Green Toys are awesome and this is an exclusive burger just for Citrus Lane.  C is all about cooking for us now and his dolls so this will be added to our grill stuff for sure.
  • Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snack from Good Boy Organics - cheese snacks are always good.  I'm placing these in our snack basket right now.
  • not pictured but included was a code for four sets of address labels from Tiny Prints but since you have to spend $99 to use it I will not be using it and it just leaves me thinking WOW really this is so not a good deal at all. :(
So overall another good month. This is actually my last Citrus Lane box from a gift subscription and they are mixing up their plans right now so you will have 3 choices ranging from $12-$49 to choose from. I haven't decided what if any I will be getting next so I may take a couple months off and see what is included in each box and go from there.  


disclaimer: As before I will get credits if you order through me but as usually the opinions expressed in all my reviews is my own.

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