Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Morning Musings 11/25/2013

I know I say this a lot but Monday really does sneak up on me. I know that its coming but it just seems to jump out each morning and go here I am.  I actually don't mind Mondays since it is the start of our weekly routine so that is nice.

This is a holiday week so our schedule is a little wonky. The people N rides to and from school with are gone this week so C and I will be taking him and picking him up.  C loves going to carpool and I listen to a book while we wait and I do love that.  We are spending Thanksgiving with my friends and their families. It just so happened this year that none of us were traveling so we decided to get together and do it up big. It will be a hoot and the kids will have a blast.

We didn't do a ton this weekend.
Friday evening we went for a walk since it was the last warm day we were going to have for awhile.  It was almost 70 on Friday and yesterday the high was 38.  Brr we are freezing now but Friday was awesome.

Saturday N and M went to the football game and C and I ran some errands.  N had a great time.

I had to laugh at both my cat Kali and at C. They have both been a hoot this weekend.  Kali has a rough life and is loving that we've been turning on the fireplace.

And C was so tired the other night that he crashed fast and when I went up there to check on him it was a good thing that he has a table next to his bed.

and yes he sleeps with all of those things in the bed with him. And don't try taking one since he will look all over until he has them all.

So let's see. I should be getting my Wantable box today. It really is turning into one of my favorite boxes each month. Great items and so out of my box but so much fun to play with and use. They really do work for me and I just had no idea.

So what are your plans this week? Are you traveling? If you are then safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


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  1. Crazy week here too! Had to move tutoring to Tuesday since the boys have a Thanksgiving feast today at school and I didn't want them to miss out, now the weather has some wintery mix for Tuesday! I don't want to dive to Cornelius in a wintery mix! Might have to cancel! Kyle has bball practice this week, gotta find out the holiday schedule. No school Wed but they have practice.....yes, that's kinda a pain but he needs to go! BLACK FRIDAY shopping.....I am not happy that BF is turning into Thanksgiving night shopping. Still not sure about our schedule!


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