Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So What Wednesday 11/27/2013

Linking up with Shannon for some So What Wednesday.

This week I'm saying So What If...

  • I keep asking C what he wants for Christmas and he tells me more trick or treat candy which to him is Starburst so I think he'll be getting a big bag of Starburst from Santa. LOL
  • I got online for Kohls yesterday and finished up the toy shopping. Not sure if I was more excited to be done or was at my total being $102 so I didn't have to take anything off or add anything to my order to maximize my Kohls Cash.
  • I need to do laundry today so that the boys have something good to wear to Thanksgiving tomorrow. 
  • N had tator tots, a hamburger bun and pasta for dinner last night. He's a growing boy and must have needed some carbs.
  • I really just want to wrap presents but I have no place to put them once they are wrapped so it will have to wait :( (Yes I am a crazy person and I love wrapping presents, making bows, decorating them etc)
I think that is all my randomness for this morning. What are you saying So What to this week?



  1. Ok Kohl's is awesome!! They have the best sales and really good toys and clothes. Love that place. Now im going to need to hop on over to their site and go shopping :)

    1. They started their Black Friday sales online already so the shopping is good.

  2. I love how you typed that you love making BOYS! I am sure you meant bows but it gave me a little laugh. If you meant boys that is even funnier!

    1. Oh my that is funny. I do only make boys here ;) but yes I did mean bows. I went and changed it but now I'm chuckling to myself too.

  3. I went to Kohls yesterday too! I was looking for clothes for myself though, which isn't nearly as fun as toys, haha. And I love wrapping presents too! My mom enlists me every year to wrap ALL her gifts. All my daughter's gifts are sitting unwrapped in a closet and it's killing me not to wrap them, but I too have no room for them wrapped! Soon enough I suppose.

    - Lauren @


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