Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Phone Dump 11/22/2103

Time for some Friday Phone Dump pictures.  Linking up again with Jenn for her Friday Phone Dump.

This is what happens when C wants to sit on my lap.  Next thing I know its take my pic take my pic. But really who doesn't love a good C pick.

I'm cleaning out the baby totes and C found this hat. He has been wearing it ever since. I think he may need a new tobog for his stocking.  He also got into Ms togo work bag and was "working" on his car.  He spent a long time over there and had a blast.

And so that I don't forget N this week I do have this random picture of him eating a Gogurt. I don't think I took it so I'm giving credit to C.  Great picture C.
This is my cat Kali.  The last week since its gotten cool in the house she curls up on my lap once I get the boys to bed.  Normally however it is on the other side of the laptop but last night she was all up curled in. I even put a blanket on her and she just curled in and took a nap.
I got a new watch in the mail this week. This was the really cheap one going around from amazon the other month and I had no idea how it would look when it got here.  Is it the best made watch out there No but do I love it Yes!!

So that is my week in pictures. I didn't take many so this are all a little odd.  How was your week? 

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