Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Morning Musings 11/4/2013

What a crazy busy weekend without really being busy if you know what I mean.  My mom was in town for Halloween and my sister came over from school so we had a good weekend hanging out and visiting with all the other things going on.

  • It was a rainy day here on Friday so instead of going out on the playground N said that they painted. I'm guessing he used the orange.
  • Bob #4 passed away a couple weeks ago and we finally replaced him with a couple new guppies.  Meet Robie and Bobie.  (The tank decorating was courtesy of C of course ;))
  • It's always a good time when grandma reads stories to you.

Saturday M took N to the football game and sent us this picture so C said he wanted to send daddy a picture too.  We just happened to be leaving Mellow Mushroom so this is the picture we took.  He was done after this.  Silly boy and his cheese faces.

I had looked at the weather and Sunday morning looked awesome so we decided to try out a new park near our house. I texted my sister-in-law and they were able to meet us.  The weather was perfect and we spent a long time there.  I didn't take nearly enough pictures but all four kids had a blast.

Sunday night N told me he hadn't seen Nana in awhile so we grabbed some pizza and went over there for dinner.  The boys wanted some pics so fun was had.

See for a weekend of no real plans we worked a lot in there.

This week looks to be about the same except I get to go on a girls scrapbooking weekend in the mountains.  C and I are heading to my mom's house on Wednesday and I get to get my hair done it is long overdue and then I'm leaving on Thursday for scrapping all weekend until Sunday. I am beyond excited and so so ready. Of course I need to pack and that isn't happening too fast. :)

I shouldn't be getting any boxes this week before I leave but hopefully some will come either while I'm gone or right when I get back home.

So how was your weekend?  What are you up to this week? Big plans?


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