Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Phone Dump 11/29/2013

It's Friday and I was thinking of skipping this week until I went and read Jennifer's Friday Iphone Dump post and I just had to share.  Apparently in the file I need to make of why we must be related some where we have some of the same Thanksgiving traditions. ;) But before I get to that here is the rest of our week.

We had carpool for N this week and on our last rainy cold day C just couldn't make it.  He was watching Curious George and then he crashed.
This was Cs Black Friday morning. He had a whole little people village going on. He played there for a long time until N came over and bugged him but then what are big brothers for ;)

So this is this weeks Oh C pictures. He was Jake for Halloween and the other day he decided that he had to wear the wig almost all day. At first I thought it was just to steal my tea but then I figured it out. He was wearing it to be a rock star. I got a very long rendition of lalalalalas while he rocked out.

So here you go the only picture I have so far of our family traditions just like Jenn.  M made jello shots in syringe dispensers to take to the party. We all had a blast and they were so much fun. I didn't take any pics yesterday but this was sent to me from a friend. I anticipate getting more so maybe a separate post next week with those :)

How was your Thanksgiving and your week?  Did you do any Black Friday shopping?

Have a great weekend,

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