Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Randomness 11/1/2013

Oh my goodness it is Friday again and of course I have some more randomness.

  • How was everyone's Halloween?  Ours was awesome and unlike I know a lot of the US we had AWESOME weather and we got so much candy and had so many trick-or-treaters.  C really got into it and made it about half as far as N. We got to a crossroads and C was like I'm ready to go home. :)  Gotta love that boy.  Stay tuned for Friday Photo Dump later today for more pictures but here is just a taste of the night.

  • Nothing too crazy this weekend and I'm so looking forward to it. M and N are going to the football game tomorrow. Still haven't decided if C and I are going too. My mom and sister are in here so Emily and I may do something tonight. M doesn't have to work until Sunday so we need to do some house work around here. 
  • Speaking of M he is off today too.  I'm pretty sure he needs to take C with him to run all his errands and maybe I can get some scrapping in :)  I do need to organize and pack this weekend for my weekend crop next weekend.
  • Can I say I'm so excited I hit my 10k steps yesterday. I guess we did do a lot of walking last night and C's steps are smaller then mine so I can't imagine.
  • I'm totally sitting here writing you and listening to C in his room playing with his babies. Hmm I wonder how long he will wait in his room for me to go and get him. Don't you love when they first move to the bog boy bed and don't realize they can let themselves in and out of their own room :)  I know it won't last so taking a little advantage at the moment.
How is your weekend shaping up?  Anything fun?  After the storms we are supposed to have today it's supposed to be beautiful so hoping it happens.

Have a great and magical day,


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    1. Thank you. We have a Jack Sparrow costume that N wore at the same age but C said that was not Jake and he had to have the Jake costume. He so rarely makes requests like that I had to find it for him. FYI not that easy this year. LOL


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