Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Phone Dump 12/13/2013

Linking up again for some Friday Phone Dumps.

I totally let N go to school in this outfit today. Friday is spirit day and he tried to wear blue and green.  So what if it was 25deg out this morning and the pants are too short. LOL (I do not see these pants making it back into his closet ;))

Gotta love my C. This was his style the other day. Yes this hat is way to small but he loves to wear it so I just go with it.

Poor C went to school on Tuesday and seemed fine and they said he was fine however not long after we got home he got whiny and then eventually threw up. :(  Pretty sure this is the first time he's ever really thrown up and he did not like it.

That night he didn't want to be in his room and he didn't want me to hold him so he was laying on the floor and he fell asleep. Slept there a long time before we took him up to his bed.

With the issues going on this week I didn't get a lot of decorating done but I did get to hang one of my favorite banners.  My friend gave this to me last year and I love it.  It looks so great.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll blog with you next week. :)

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  1. Poor C! He looks so sweet laying there though ;(

    And those outfits! I love it! I let L wear the craziest things to school. He likes it though and it's a long day at school for him so I feel like he should get to pick sometime.s


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