Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday Thoughts 12/5/2013

Linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban mom for some Thursday Thoughts:

  • While I think little boy clothes are cute little girl clothes are awesome.  I was doing some Christmas shopping today and I had to email M that it is so good that we don't have a girl. LOL
  • We took the boys to see Santa at the mall last night and C did pretty good. He wasn't so sure about him once we actually got there but he did it. Now I think Santa was so concerned with how C was doing he forgot to ask the boys what they wanted for Christmas. :( Good thing we will see Santa again on Saturday for the Santa Train and then again next Saturday for breakfast with Santa. ;)
  • Speaking of Christmas lists do you ever think you are so close to being done and then look at your list and realize you still have more people to go. LOL I sometimes think my list grows over night and while yes I had a large family it is not growing over night.
  • While I'm still thinking about the Walking Dead from Sunday did any of you watch Supernatural on Tuesday?  It was another one of those WOW episodes and I did not see it coming. Now we are onto the hellatus until Jan/Feb. I have other shows to catch up on though so it will be ok.
Well I'm working on sorting gifts this afternoon during naptime so I think this might be my thoughts for the day. My mind is racing and not sure how to put it all down LOL I'm sure to catch up another day.

So are you linking up today? What are you thinking?  

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  1. What a nice picture of your kids with Santa!


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