Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TV Talk Tuesday 12/17/2013

So who all remembers my Fall TV Chart?  You can see it HERE.  Well I'm still working my way through the season but wanted to share some of my thoughts.

So where to start? Hmm I think I'll just go by day of the week and see how it goes. I'm hoping to do this more on Tuesdays so I won't have so much and then I can gush about my favorite shows all I want on a certain day. I can't guarantee that I won't talk about tv the rest of the week but I will know I have a set place for more discussion. :)


  • I'm loving Bones this season and I'm caught up so far.  Last season I thought was a little slow but its back up to the fun now.
  • 2 Broke Girls is as funny as ever. It is so uncouth and we could never get away with what all they say but I still love it.
  • Now lets talk Castle.  Who doesn't love Nathan Fillion?  Love love love him and the show is doing good with the engagement thing. Better then Bones did from the start.
  • So if you look at the chart you'll see I'm also planning on watching How I Met Your Mother and Sleepy Hollow on Mondays well I've watched the first couple episodes of both but haven't gotten any farther. LOL I know what M and I will be doing over the hellatus this month. ;)


  • Oh can we talk about Tuesdays.  I am loving SHIELD, The Originals and of course my favorite show on right now Supernatural.  I will say that Supernatural in the fall finale was WOW and I was not expecting it at all.  Does anyone else watch? RIP Kevin :(


  • This is a slack day for me.  I have picked up The Tomorrow People and after the first couple of episodes I think its really hitting its stride.  I'm anxious to see what they do with the back half of the season.
  • Well after rushing to watch the  whole first season of Revolution M and I haven't watched any of the second season yet. I think we had a little bit of binge burnout. ;)  I do like the show and we will probably catch up soon.
  • I do want to watch Arrow its just a dark show and my family room is so bright I have to watch it in the evening so that I can see it. LOL Well that just hasn't happened yet but I'm sure it will soon.

  • I have a bit of a Tivo scheduling issue on Thursday so I couldn't record Once Upon a Time in Wonderland so I've decided it just isn't a show I get to wathc :(
  • Big Bang Theory is Awesome as always.  It just gets funnier with time.
  • Have I told you how much I love Amber Tamblyn?  M and I have always watched Two and a half men but she really brings so much to the show. I'm actually laughing when she is on the screen.  Must have Vagina. Hysterical. (and no that is not something I thought I would ever be writing. LOL)
  • Elementary is another show both M and I enjoy. It is our new Mentalist. We dropped that one the other season when it got too repetitive.  So far this one still has lots of fresh ideas and I enjoy watching it each week.
  • Now lets talk about new shows.  I added Crazy Ones and Reign to my Thursday nights.  Loving both shows.  Sarah Michelle Gellar is awesome and who doesn't love Robin Williams.  Reign I'm going to say is the best new show this season. It is so great and the historical accuracy is so off but its still so fun to watch.  I just caught up on the fall finale last night and I can't wait for the season to start back up.  Really if you need to find one new show give this one a try.  I just want to watch more right away.

  • I had Dracula on my list but I never recorded it so I haven't watched it.  Oh well I didn't need to add another show to my list.

  • Of course no new shows on Saturday.

  • Once Upon A Time is good.  I know some people haven't liked the Neverland story but I did and thought it was really good.  I also watched the fall finale last night and the ending was so great.  I totally love me some Hook and Emma.  This one doesn't come back until March which makes me sad but it will run out the last of the season without breaks so I can wait.
  • I have all of this season of Revenge on the Tivo;)  Another show that I'm hopefully behind on.  Really these kids of mine are making me fall behind on my shows. LOL
  • So this one wasn't on my chart since its not network tv but who all watched the Walking Dead?  Pretty sure everyone does right.  The fall finale episode was OMG that is all I can say about it and all my brain can process. It has to be one of the best episodes of TV this year. It was AWESOME.
So what do you think? I know I watch way to much tv but to be honest most of these shows are on while I'm blogging, surfing, doing my nails, crafting etc so I'm not just sitting here staring at the tv.  When I have to list hobbies I will put tv on it as it is my downtime and I love it.

Are there any shows you watch and love? Anything I should see about adding to my list? Let me know your thoughts and what shows you are watching. I'm always up for talking tv.  And I don't care if you give me spoilers. I love to read them and do frequently.  I like to see how I read it and how it actually gets filmed and shown. To me its like reading a book before you go and see the movie.

Happy TViewing,


  1. Nice recap! Really love Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, so maybe you can catch it online or in reruns? Am a little depressed now that so many of my favorite shows are on winter break. :(

    1. I'm a huge Disney fan so I may have to watch it over the summer. It seems like it could be a good summer show. I don't think the ratings have been very good so I hope it doesn't get canceled to fast. I know so many people really like it.


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