Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Phone Dump 12/20/2013

Linking up with Jennifer again for the Friday Phone Dump.

C and I had some shopping to do Monday and that meant we were eating at the mall.  That of course meant he wanted Chic-fil-a and then we traded in the book for ice cream. He has only recently decided he likes ice cream and this was how he ate most of it. He couldn't wait for me to get him a spoon he had to dig right in. ;)

This is also the week that the boys have decided they want to sleep together. They have done it for 3 nights and once we get over the me telling them they have to stay in bed and not bounce around its been working.  I laughed at this their first night since they started out on their own sides and then in the morning when I went to wake them up they were all smooshed together.  So cute and so bad they both had school and I had to wake them up, LOL

C had his school Christmas program this week and while he did get onstage and shake his bells he did not sing at all.  I did get to hear the songs over and over that afternoon.

So do you remember on So What Wednesday where I told you my sister thought my boots were ugly?  Well C loves them and wore them all around the house the other afternoon. I tell you that boy is a nut.

And finally C had his school pictures last week and we got them back yesterday.  He did so good and looks so stinkin' cute.

That's my week in pictures. How was your week? Any big plans for the weekend?  I know next week will be crazy with all the pictures people are taking. :)


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