Monday, December 30, 2013

Wantable Dec 2013 Box Review

I was out scrapping on Saturday and then I got the text that my Wantable had been delivered.  I had to wait all day to get home and check it out. Then of course I was exhausted so I didn't really dig into it until this morning.  Oh my goodness am I excited.

As usually the Wantable  box is nice and white. It also has some of the best guts around. They use egg carton type packaging so nothing moves in shipment. This is great since they send full size items that are often in glass.

Here is my list this month.  I believe it was last month that they added a complexion products category to their questionnaire so I had to go in and modify to add that.  I also finally placed eyeliner in my disliked column. As much as I do love eyeliner and it is one of my go tos I have enough to last me years.  However if there was a way to say no black or brown I probably would add it back but so far you can't be that specific. LOL I like going in and changing things up each month and then seeing what I get. So I will be back in there again before my trip so that I don't forget later.

And not what you have been waiting for.

This months goodies:

  • ncLA nail laquer in Cookies and Gold ($16) - ncLA is a 5 free polish and says this color is a creamy white that is dripping with prismatic gem sparkles.  I can not wait to try this one out. It looks like so much fun and I love when I get sparkles and stuff in my polish.
  • Starlooks shadow in conquest ($12) - I've gotten quite a bit of Starlooks products and I've liked them all. This is a great dark purple color that they say will be great as a liner or as a definer for the crease. 
  • Color Club Magnetic Nail Polish in Magnetic Force ($12) - This has me the most interested as I've never had a magnetic nail polish before. The description says its a deep shade of purple with a silver shimmer.  I've never used this before so very curious to see what it is all about and what it can do.  And what difference the magnetic portion has with it.
  • Sorme Perfect Touch Concealer in True Ivory ($24) - I use a concealer everyday so I had to add it to my likes list. This says that its a silkin fixing fluid that makes flaws, dark circles, wrinkles, dullness, and signs of fatigue appear to virtually vanish.  This is something I have to see.
  • Michael Marcus Prime Foundation Brush ($20) - Since the Sorme needs to be blended in I'm glad they send a brush to go with it. I don't wear a ton of true foundation but I do use creams and lotions so this will be good for that. I think I've also said before I recently dumped all my brushes so I'm working on stocking them back up.
  • Skiin Instant Skin Tightener & Line Filler Sample - Every month Wantable includes a sample product. I believe I've gotten this one before but I haven't used it so now I really need to since I have a good amount to give it a real trial.
What do you think? Every time I see nail polish in my box I get excited right away and there are some really different products for me this month.  Overall I come up with a total of $84 for this months box and since Wantable only costs $36 a month its a great deal. They also have an option for a single box for $40 if you don't want to sign up for their month subscription however they make it really easy to skip and modify on their website. They also make it easy to return your whole box if you aren't satisfied with it. I have not had to do that yet since I've loved everything but the option is there as others say its really easy.

So tell me did you get a Wantable box this month. Since each box is so different what did you get? Now I have to wait for my intimates box to come before I get another makeup box. :)

Have a great week!!!

disclaimer: The link above is a referral link. I will get credits towards my next box if you sign up through me. Even with that all opinions are my own and if I didn't like something then you for sure would know.

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