Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Phone Dump 12/6/2013

Linking up for some Friday Phone Dump:

This week has gone crazy fast for us and I have some random pictures to show it.

  • N was picking up and getting ready for bed the other night and he packed his Nerf in his bag. He was ready for the battle the next day.
  • We went and saw Santa this week. I think the boys had just as much fun waiting as they did seeing him.
  • Even with all the packages that have been coming this week. This one is my favorite. It means that my trip is almost here.

  • We went to the park this morning. It is almost 80 deg here today. So warm today but its going to be cold tomorrow when we go on our Santa train.
  • Also this morning C was going to read so he climbed in the trunk with his books and his bus.  Not sure how much reading he got done but he had a great time playing.
  • C is starting to stop take a nap and the other day he was looking at his NCState book at my feet and then it got quiet. When I looked he was out right there on the floor.
So that was our crazy busy week in a glance. And just in case you didn't see it yesterday here was the best of our Santa pictures.

How was your week? Are you linking up? Let me know so I can visit.


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