Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Morning Musings 12/9/2013

Another Monday and Christmas is that much closer :) I'm working on finishing up my list and will be doing some more this week. Then I can work on wrapping next week.  The boys and I decorated the tree this weekend.  Its not completely done but its pretty close.

Then Saturday night we went to the Santa Train at the Museum of Life and Sciences here. We had a blast and while C didn't want to talk to that Santa he did wave at him. We have a couple more Santa activities coming up so he can try again.  Here are the cousins being silly. They loved all the photo ops they had there.

A couple for my random file but did you see my Wantable intimates review the other day?  If not you can see it HERE.  Where it was cold and rainy here yesterday so I broke out my Muk Luk slippers and all I can say is I love love love them.

Then to add to my product love. I had placed a Sephora order with the cyber Monday deals and coupons and grabbed a soaking nail polish remover as an impulse buy and I'm not wondering how in the world I have lived without it. I had some thick glitter polish on and it took it right off.  You do have to go one finger at a time but considering you have to soak and wrap and scrub when you do it with regular puffs I think the timing is about the same.

So aren't you glad I shared that with you ;)  Busy week this week. Lunching and shopping with my sister today. Then tomorrow I'm going to have lunch with N at school. He is almost through his second quarter and I haven't gone yet. :( I'm thinking that is a mommy fail. But he has really been asking lately so I wrote his teacher and tomorrow is my day. C will still be in preschool so I can go and just spend time with N.  He is really excited.  Friday is also Ms birthday and he will be turning 40. We have no big plans and he doesn't  want anything so I'm thinking we will just have some family fun time.  There is a Porsche exhibit at our Art Museum that I think he would love since Porsche is a dream car of his so we may try to make it to that one day.  Saturday we have breakfast with Santa at our local CPK.  If you have one you should see if they do this. You get a mini breakfast pizza and then Santa walks around.  We went when they did the Easter bunny this year and it was so relaxed and fun.  Oh and they have mimosas. ;) SOLD. LOL

Onto box news.  I really have no idea what is coming this week. Possible Ipsy. They just posted our bags online this morning so if you want to see what you are getting check it out. I'm hoping my colors are good as I'm getting a great bag this month.  Then I won a contest over at Ramblings of a suburban mom and will be getting a HauteLegs box.  They just sent me an email telling me that it was on its way so should be here soon.  I'm also thinking of ordering Plated today so I should have that next Wednesday. I've never used their service before but the meals look good and with M home nights this week we will be able to use it.  I'm excited to give it a shot.

So there you go my musings for a Monday. What are you up to this week? Are you doing anything awesome and fun?  Let me know.


disclaimer:  There are some links up there. I will get credits if you order through my link for future boxes or purchases. :)

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