Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Morning Musings 12/2/2013

Mondays are always hard but the one after a long weekend is the worst. LOL However this month is going to fly by with so many activities going on and so little time to get them all in.

But lets start with Thanksgiving? How was every ones?  We went over to friends and if you haven't checked out my Friday Phone dump last week go and take a look. We had a lot of fun.  Then Saturday M took the boys to the NCState football game and I went to Archivers with my friends. I did not get a ton done but we had a blast chatting away.

We still haven't decorated yet. We pulled everything down and our tree has seen better days so trying to decide if we need to get another one or not.  Looked a couple places yesterday and nothing jumped at us so we may have to make this one work this year and make sure to look for one earlier next year. Just not sure yet.

OK I've babbled some already but who else watched the Walking Dead last night? I'm going to spoiler free here but if you want to chat add a comment and we'll talk ;) but all I can say is Holy crap. That episode I think will rank up there with some of the best all time tv show episodes. It was AWESOME and now we have to wait until February to figure out what all happened over all.  I'm still in awe and its the next morning. This will be the talk of the water cooler today.

I don't think I'm getting any subscription boxes today but I ordered a ton over the weekend so I'll be getting boxes all week;)  Gotta love free shipping codes.  I need to update my list today and see where I'm at. I know a couple local stores I need to hit up this week but hopefully they aren't too busy yet especially if I go during the week.

And because I love to have some photos in my posts here is C last night. He is a hoot and has taken to asking "got that?" after I take a picture and then waiting for me to say yes before moving on. It is the cutest thing every.

So what are you up to this week?  Any big plans? Did you watch the Walking Dead last night?


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