Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday Thoughts 12/26/2013

Linking up for some Holiday Thursday Thoughts with Jennifer.

  • How was everyone's Christmas? Ours was pretty good. N got us all up at 8am and we went down for the presents.  Opened the stockings and looked at the unwrapped Santa gifts and then we had a donut break before digging into the rest of the gifts. After all the opening was done we did out breakfast of meat, meat and more meat. :) Yeap I made bacon, little sausages, and country ham for breakfast to go with our hashbrowns and biscuits. LOL we will be eating leftover meat for days.
  • Did you get a favorite gift?  I can't say what my favorite gift is but I got to finally open my Erin Condren Planner and my October Afternoon Santa Grab Bag.  M surprised me with a new laptop which is very much needed since mine will randomly just cut off.  Of course now he's not sure its the one that I really want so we may exchange it for another one this weekend and go from there.
  • I asked N what his favorite gift was and he said "All of them and I love my giant eraser" Uhm yeah kid the one thing you call out is the giant Darth Maul eraser that we got super cheap on clearance at Target. LOL
  • We had friends in last night and did Kabobs on the grill. So yummy and per the kids request my homemade mac-n-cheese.  It was a random combo but oh so yummy.  It also worked in wearing my boys out who went to sleep very early (for them) and I was in bed and asleep but 9:30.  It was AWESOME!!!  Wait that might be my favorite Christmas gift of the year. Going to bed that early. :)
  • Are you heading out shopping today?  Not sure if we are or not.  I took a friend to the airport so I'm up and ready but M is just now getting in the shower at 11:30am and the boys are still in jammies.  We are not fast moving today.
  • Oh I get to go scrapping at Archivers tomorrow night and Saturday night so that makes me very excited and will be a great ending to the Christmas Week.
I hope everyone had a great holiday and has a great new year.
Happy Clearance Shopping,


  1. No shopping for me! Stuck at home and afraid the power will go out again soon. It's snowing like crazy and I'm hotspotting from my phone for Internet :) It's been... interesting.

    1. Oh no. Stay safe. It's a cool 50deg here in NC today.

  2. I got a new laptop for Christmas too! All in for blogging in 2014. I can't shop cause husband has been snoring all day. If your husband ever says that he wants to have surgery 5 days before Christmas, say NO..

    1. I hope he's ok. We did go out but just to BestBuy which wasn't too bad. I'll have to try some other shopping another day.


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