Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday Thoughts 12/12/2013

Linking up with Jennifer for some Thursday Thoughts:

  • When my dad bought me an extra large capacity washer moving into my first apartment I thought he was a little crazy but now in my house with my boys I love it.
  • C is so stinkin' cute. I'm sitting here blogging while he is happily playing kitchen and making what sounds like soup and fruit salad.  All while wearing his fireman hat. Well all good chefs wear a hat :)
  • How is everyone doing on their Christmas shopping? I'm usually done by now but I'm still working on it this year.  I'm down to just a couple people but they are the ones I really need to look around and find something great.  I went out this morning and I'll try to do some more in the next couple of days.
  • C had his school pictures this morning. I was beginning to wonder when they were going to do them but they said we will have them back next week. I can't wait. Its a small preschool so they are knocked out pretty fast. This was his outfit today minus the hat of course.

  • Do you guys do a  big deal for your birthdays?  M and I just don't so even though he is turning 40 tomorrow (shh don't tell anyone ;)) we have no real plans. He didn't want to do a big party or anything and we will just stay home and hang out with the boys.  Celebrating tonight with family and again Saturday night with other family.  We are kind of the same with the boys actual birthdays too. We usually let them pick dinner and we do cupcakes or something. Last year N wanted ginger cookies so I made those. Then we have been doing them a party but its all pretty lo-key.  Just wondering how big you all go for the actual day?
Well I better get up and do some more Christmas prep and lunch for us.  I hope you all have a great weekend and holiday season if you are going away.

Happy Thursday!!!


  1. Christmas shopping...ugh.....not finished yet!!!!

  2. I like making a big deal out of birthdays. But it's always the birthday boy's choice.

  3. I like to make a fuss for my son, but for my birthday and my husband's birthday we usually just pick an activity and make a cake. :-)

  4. I never do anything amazing for my birthday. Maybe so fro-yo and that's about it. I did 30 gifts for B this year (it was his 30th), but he had school that night so we didn't actually do anything.

    What'd you end up doing?

    1. We decorated the outside some more and went to Kohls for a new small tree and Home Depot for a new blowup. Hot birthday evening fun ;)


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